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Snow Removal


At Faithful Services, we provide 24/7 snow removal services for churches, restaurants, businesses, condo associations, large parking lots, and residential homeowners. We are fully insured and have all the equipment needed to handle all your snow removal needs. As a commercial & residential snow plowing contractor, we offer a wide range of snow removal services that include: 


  • 24/7 Commercial Snow Plowing & Removal

  • Residential Snow Plowing & Removal

  • Emergency & Non-Emergency Ice Control Applications

  • Pre-Salting Applications for Commercial Facilities

  • Snow Hauling & Disposal

  • Tree Removal & Clean Up Services From Winter Weather


On asphalt surfaces we use rock salt, which is the industry standard ice melter for asphalt parking lots, driveways, and roadways. In addition rock salt is the most cost effective way to maintain an ice-free pavement.


On paver or concrete surfaces we use calcium chloride magnesium, this prevents from concrete damage and is a safe and effective product. Calcium chloride also has a lower activating temperature than rock salt.

Image by Emily Toycen
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